About Us
Chef Chef Cafe is created by a group of executive chef with passionate about food. Our menu offers western & asian cuisine with our creative homemade ingredients ensures you receive the best quality.

Chef Chef Cafe have a great atmosphere with simple interior design. At here, our ambience makes you feel comfortable, and the service is top notch. We're dedicated to serving you the finest, freshest, and most authentic tasting western & asian food, while offering quick & easy lunches and exquisite dinners.

See how our diversification works at its best under one roof with people from various races, religions and cultures sit and dine together. Come and dine with us and let us have the honor to serve you!

Chef Chef Cafe is a restaurant located in the Austin Height in western, with 20 years of experience in catering industry. [Well-known Chef] suggests that a number of famous chefs cooperation opens a restaurant, contracting company celebration, schools, factory canteens, door-to-door contract wedding, birthday, Party buffet for an integrated food and beverage management. Celebrity chef restaurants always adhere to standardized production, pay attention to food hygiene, nutrition supplement, well-balanced, adhere to cooking characteristics, our purpose is, allow customers to eat the best food, the most satisfactory service, the most reasonable price and. Realization of" reasonable price, quality standardization, quality service " business management target. Let the chef catering food to your party, home, company and so on, everything you want to hold local, professional for you to create a belong to your own party.



名厨餐厅是 一间位于Austin Height的中西餐餐厅,在餐饮业具有20年经验。[名厨]顾名思义就是有多名名厨师合作开设的一间餐厅,承包公司庆典,学校,工厂食堂,上门承包喜 宴,生日,聚会自助餐等为一体的综合性餐饮管理。名厨餐饮一向坚持标准化生产,注重饮食卫生,营养配搭,色香味俱全,坚持特色烹饪,我们的宗旨是,让顾客 吃到最好的美食,最满意的服务,及最合理的价钱。实现“ 价格合理化,品质标准化,服务优质化”的经营管理目标。让名厨餐饮的美食送到你的宴会,家中,公司等等,一切你想举办的地方,专业为你打造一个属于你的自 己的宴会。

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